Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson | 学术副校长寄语

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Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson | 学术副校长寄语

Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson | 学术副校长寄语

Vice Principal:Tremayne Gibson







Dear Sendelta Community


This week officially marks the midpoint of the semester. Our students have completed their midterm exams and our teachers are now preparing detailed feedback on student performance for parents. We warmly welcome all parents to visit the campus this Saturday, October 26th to participate in our first Open House. We also encourage you to bring your children with you to the one-on-one meetings with subject teachers.

Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson | 学术副校长寄语






On a related note, some parents may have recently received warning letters for academic performance. These letters are not cause for panic. They are only intended to serve as warm reminders for students to work a little harder in certain areas to improve the likelihood of a good final result at the end of the semester. The school strives make sure all students are aware of their academic performance to help them understand where their areas of weakness are so that they can address their problems more effectively. Please note that grades are dynamic and will fluctuate throughout the course of the semester. Also, warning letters are purely internal and will never be shared with colleges or other external parties.

Two general pieces of advice I would impart to all students that might result in higher grades are as follows: 

1) Do your work. Sendelta adheres to a system of ongoing assessment in which exams are not the sole determiner of grades. We measure student performance on every part of the course including exams, class participation, quizzes, projects, etc. Simply handing in their homework assignments on time could result in higher overall grades for many students who received warning letters this month. 

2) Respect all of your courses. We would not put a course on a student’s schedule if we thought it had no value to their preparations for college. No course is less important than another. We ask all students to show equal respect for every class they are enrolled in and give the same level of effort to all of their assignments. As a warm reminder, all courses will appear on the final transcripts sent to universities. Therefore, a low score even in a course a student may consider as unimportant may still hurt their future college application.

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根据书院博雅教育的承诺,要求所有学生无论个人偏好要参加丰富多样的课程,这一点在近期的一次招生官来访中也得到充分证实。圣劳伦斯大学董事会成员黄之弘先生(Hook)和国际招生执行总监Musa Khalidi先生访问我校,鉴于我们广泛的学术课程内容,强大的ECA计划以及讯得达的“全人”发展的核心价值观,且与他们访问的深圳其他几所学校与众不同,对我校的学术计划给予了高度评价。

Our commitment to a liberal arts education, in which all students are required to take a variety of courses regardless of their personal preferences, was validated by a recent visit from representatives of St. Lawrence University. Mr. Zhihong 'Hook' Huang, a member of their board of trustees, and Mr. Musa Khalidi, the Executive Director of International Admissions, gave Sendelta’s academic program high praise as unique among the school’s they visited in Shenzhen given our broad academic course offerings, robust ECA program, and Sendelta’s core values of “whole person” development.





Tremayne Gibson



On that note, let me conclude this week’s letter by congratulating the members of our basketball team for their 81 to 56-point victory over Huitong International School. Our student athletes traveled to Nanshan last week for the latest in a series of friendship games which we began last semester. Through experiences like this we hope to complement students’ academic growth with development of equally important personal characteristics such as confidence, competitiveness, and self-discipline.


Tremayne Gibson

Vice Principal of Academics

Sendelta International Academy Shenzhen

Weekly Message from Vice Principal Mr. Gibson | 学术副校长寄语


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